4 Signs That Your Swimming Pool Has a Problem, Part 2

in-ground pool with lounge chairsOut of the 4 common signs that there’s an issue with your pool, some of them may not be easily detectable or even initially thought of when it comes to your in-ground pool maintenance.

  1. There is No Main Drain

Many in-ground swimming pools in Jefferson, Missouri are designed to draw in water from the main drain and the skimmer. In the past, it was more customary to cap off main drains as a quick fix, but such procedures are not adequate any longer. Some pools may also have a clogged main drain or may not even have one at all. Without a main drain, the pool will be working at half the capacity that it should be.

If your main drain is clogged or capped off, call us at Little Giant Pool & Spa to come in and fix the issue. If your swimming pool was built with no main drain, one of our pool technicians will be able to set up a system that will vacuum the pool in a way that replicates the main drain’s function.

  1. Your Equipment Isn’t Big Enough

Pumps and filters vary in size and power to meet the specific requirements of your particular pool. If your filter or pump is too small, the circulation will not be adequate and will put stress on all of the plumbing and equipment. If that’s the case, hire a technician in to install the right size filter and pump that are better suited for the size and type of pool that you have.

Little Giant Pool & Spa provides a variety of services for in-ground pools, such as opening, closing, and weekly maintenance. If you’re in need of any of our services, contact us today at (636) 271-2200.

4 Signs That Your Swimming Pool Has a Problem, Part 1

gorgeous in-ground poolHave you noticed your pool water turning green all the time? Does the water level seem to go down quickly for no apparent reason? These are just a couple of signs that may signify something is wrong with your pool. Below are 4 common signs of pool-related issues and how they can be resolved.

  1. Trees Around the Water

If your pool is surrounded by large trees, that can put some unexpected stress on the pool itself. The reason is because leaves can fall into the water and clog up the drains. In order to prevent buildup, filters must be broken down and cleaned out once every 1.5 years and the cartridge filters should be replaced on a regular basis.

Various debris can cause the filter to have to work extra hard, which will inevitably shorten its life span. Not only that, debris can cause the impellers to become clogged, which will need to be unclogged by one of your local professional pool repair companies in St. Louis, Missouri, such as Little Giant Pool & Spa.

  1. Your Pool is Leaking

Pools can spring leaks anywhere near the plumbing. Leaks can often occur in the walls or drainage system as well. If you always have to add fresh water to the pool, even when the weather is cooler outside, you might have a leak.

If you are adding fresh water to the pool, this will dilute the chemicals that you add to keep the water clean, which will cause your pool to need extra chemicals and stabilizer. Hire a pool technician to inspect the outer equipment. If the pool plumbing is leaking on the outside, you will definitely need an expert to fix the problem.

Why Hire A Pool Repair Company Instead of DIY?

beautiful in-ground poolWhen you’re in need of pool repair, you may consider taking on the task yourself in order to save some extra money. Though repairing your pool on your own may be a simple short-term solution, if you do the job incorrectly it could lead to even more costly repairs in the future. Your best bet would be to contact a professional pool repair company to ensure that the job is done right the very first time so you can enjoy your pool worry free.

Pool specialists will have a greater knowledge when it comes to you water levels and how much of each chemical should go in. Rather than experimenting and crossing your fingers that you added enough, allow a pool company to take care of your chemicals properly. A pool repair company can also help you patch holes in your liner much more efficiently, reducing the risk of the patch job coming undone or allowing water to continue seeping through.

Regular maintenance is also much cheaper than repair work in the long run and hiring a regular pool maintenance service can save you a ton compared to the amount you may need to spend on constant repairs. If you’re looking for the best pool repair companies in St. Louis, Missouri, contact Little Giant Pool & Spa today at (636) 271-2200!

When to Begin Planning Your Swimming Pool Construction

in-ground swimming pool with ladderThough summer is still a fair amount of time away, the New Year and the dreary January weather may be inspiring you to build a brand new in-ground pool on your property to enjoy in the upcoming warm months. Dreaming of a pool may be a year-round process, but when should you actually start planning a brand new build in your backyard?

Swimming pool construction in St. Charles, Missouri may seem like a daunting task at first, but with the right local experts and game plan in mind, constructing your new in-ground pool for the summer can be a breeze. An in-ground pool is certainly an investment so you’ll want to consider budgeting out your ideas so you can get the pool you want for the price you’re willing to pay. An in-ground pool takes anywhere from 3-12 weeks to build, so you have plenty of time to start saving and dreaming up your ideas for your new outdoor oasis.

A few things you should consider while planning out your pool is the amount of additional features you want added in. A more elaborate design, landscaping, and high-end patio materials will all add up so you want to be financially ready for everything you want. If you’ve been dreaming of a brand new pool, make 2017 the year you finally achieve your goal! Contact Little Giant Pool & Spa today for the best swimming pool construction in St. Charles, Missouri.

How to Winterize Your Pool, Continued

decemberblog2Continuing with our instructions on how to winterize your pool, we first went over that it’s important to clean out the pool and make sure your water chemistry is balance appropriately. Read below for even more tips on how to prepare your backyard oasis for the harsh, colder months.

Don’t Allow Chemicals to Damage Your Pool

Do not add tablets or a floater that contains bromine or chlorine, as they can easily damage your pool equipment. If you have these tablets in your filter already, allow them to run out so that nothing remains. For winterizing chemicals, you should pour them into a pocket and then into the pool.

Take Care of Your Pump and Heater

Disconnect your pump and filter, making sure all of the liquid is completely drained from the pump. With your pool sitting dormant for at least 3-4 months, you don’t want the water trapped inside to become frozen and damage your equipment overtime.

To guarantee your in-ground pool survives the winter, be sure to follow these easy steps. If you need assistance with your pools in Jefferson, Missouri and the surrounding areas, do not hesitate to contact Little Giant Pool & Spa today at 636-271-2200.

How to Winterize Your Pool

decemberblog1For Missouri residents that have in-ground pools, the winter can wreak havoc on your outdoor oasis. This is why it is so important to ensure that your pool is ready for the cold season. Here are some tips on getting your pool winter ready.

Clean out the Pool

The very first thing that you need to do is clean out your pool of any leaves, dirt, debris, and insects. Use your pool vacuum or just fish debris out with a net. Be sure to clean out the pump basket and the skimmer as well as clean the tile line with a quality tile cleaner. This will save you the headache from ridding your pool of scum before it has a chance to set in over the winter.

Balance the Water Chemistry

This will protect your pool from scale buildup and corrosion. You will need to utilize a water testing kit to make sure the water is adjusted to the recommended pH levels, including alkalinity, calcium for hardness, and chlorination.

Add a winterization chemical kit to the pool to prepare the pool for the winter months. Little Giant Pool & Spa specializes in pools in Jefferson, Missouri and can help you retrieve a winterization pool kit ideal for your sized pool.

How to Handle a Swimming Pool Leak, Pt. 2

novemberblog2A leak in your pool can put a halt in your summer fun. Fortunately, there are a few things you can do to assess and repair the problem.

Check out the vinyl lining. A vinyl liner could make repairing a leak more difficult, but it can still be done! If you notice that the lining has a leak behind the fitting or has completely broken free, you would be wise to call Little Giant Pool & Spa, your local specialists in pool repair in St. Charles, Missouri, to come and fix the problem for you.

Check the concrete surrounding your pool. It’s possible that your leak could be coming from cracks in the concrete foundation surrounding your pool. Squeeze some food coloring near cracks in your concrete and if the liquid gets sucked into the crack, it may signify that there is a leak. These can be patched yourself or you can call a pool repair specialist to complete the job for you.

For the best in pool repair in St. Charles, Missouri, contact Little Giant Pool & Spa today! Whether you need a leak repaired, vinyl liner replaced, or weekly maintenance, Little Giant Pool & Spa has you covered. Call us today at 636-271-2200.

How to Handle a Swimming Pool Leak, Pt. 1

novemberblog1A leaky pool can be a hassle to deal with, especially if this is your first time as a swimming pool owner. If you think you may have a leak in your pool, whether you’re experiencing pool flow issues or weird water levels, there are a few things you can do to effectively handle your leaky pool.

Check to see if it’s really a leak at all. A simple test with a bucket can help you determine if it’s definitely a leak you’re experiencing. Place your bucket at the top of the pool stairs and fill it to the very top. After a few days, and no one using the pool within that time, go back and compare the water reduction in the bucket with the water reduction in the pool. A noticeable difference in water levels would indicate a leak.

Check your pipes. The source of the leak is most likely within your pipes, especially if water is lost while the filter is running. It’s recommended that you conduct a pressure test on the pipe lines, and once the leaking line is detected, you can dig down to where the pipe is leaking from. If you’re uncomfortable with conducting this process yourself, Little Giant Pool & Spa is one of the best pool repair companies in St. Louis, Missouri and you can contact us at 636-271-2200 to handle all your in-ground pool repair needs!

How to Protect your Pool Cover During the Winter


You may think that simply covering your pool is all you need to do during the winter months to protect your pool, but what’s protecting your pool cover? A pool cover is a great way to protect your in-ground pool during harsh winters, but without added protection, you’re risking the cover getting damaged due to high winds and freezing temperatures. Below are three things you can do to keep your cover in top shape all winter long.

Keep the Ice at Bay

Ice and snow can add extra weight onto your cover, causing it to sag and pull at the edges. If there’s already ice all over your brand new pool cover, be sure to let it melt before using a winter cover pump to remove it. Attempting to remove frozen ice off of your cover will only result in the sharp edges creating unwanted holes and scratches. To prevent against an icy build up, you can keep a ½” water level on top of the cover.

Brace Against the Wind

The ½” water level mentioned above is also a great way to prevent wind damage to your cover. You can also use water bags to hold it down if you have a tarp covering your pool. Be careful not to use anything with potential sharp edges such as bricks or boards as they can fall into the pool and damage not only the cover, but your liner as well.

Look out for Trees

Fallen trees or tree branches can be your cover’s worst nightmare in the winter. Heavy snow and ice can weigh the branches down and once those limbs snap they could be headed directly for the pool! If you have a tree dangerously close to your pool, hire a tree specialist to come in and remove any overhanging limbs.

For the best services related to in-ground pools in St. Louis, Missouri, contact Little Giant Pool & Spa today at 636-271-2200.

Closing Your In-Ground Pool for the Winter

pexels-photo-174758-largeThough many good things come with the cooler months such as warm fireplaces, cozy sweaters, and holidays, the changing seasons also means it’s time to close up the pool. Closing an in-ground pool doesn’t have to be a time-consuming chore and in a few simple steps, you can have your pool covered and protected for the upcoming snowy weather.

Step 1: Test your pool water to make sure everything is properly balanced prior to closing it up. You can either bring your water sample to us at Little Giant Pool & Spa or use in-home test strips to make sure the numbers are right. Your pH you should be between 7.4-7.6 and alkalinity between 100-150ppm.

Step 2: Clean your pool of all debris by vacuuming the floor, skimming the surface, and brushing any dirt from the walls. You’ll then want to add any winter-specific chemicals your pool needs before closing. This is also a good time to clean out the filter and pump, making sure everything is backwashed and cleaned out so nothing gets closed over its stagnant months.

Step 3: Place the cover over your pool. You can use a regular plastic cover or purchase a winter-specific cover that’s made to withstand the harsh weather and temperatures. Make sure the cover is secure and your pool is all closed up!

If you’re in need of assistance for in-ground pools in St. Louis, Missouri, look no further than Little Giant Pool & Spa. We’ll help you open and close your pool each season along with weekly maintenance to keep your pool in top shape all year long. Call us today at 636-271-2200.