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Why You Should Get a Pool Cover Now

When it comes to fiberglass pools in Missouri, many owners wait until the fall to purchase a cover. Though they are commonly associated with keeping out leaves and other debris, you do not need to put off buying yours — and you should not. Here are three reasons to invest in a pool cover today:

A Better Swimming Experience: You may want to keep leaves out later, but you want to enjoy a swim now. That is much easier to do without tons of chemicals that can cause everything from skin irritation to asthma aggravation. A pool cover can cut down chemical use by as much as 60 percent.

Less Evaporation: Keeping water in your pool is not cheap, and it gets more expensive in the sweltering heat of summer. Use a cover to reduce evaporation and save money on water costs.

Year-Round Debris Protection: Leaves might be one of the most visible kinds of debris, but they are far from alone. Even in the middle of summer, there is no shortage of things that can clog your filter or lead to tons of time spent with a net in hand. Insects, dog toys, mower clippings, and more will not take up your day when you protect your pool from incursion with a cover.

Covers for fiberglass pools in Missouri are a smart investment. Get yours now, rather than waiting for the fall, to make the most of your money.

Getting to Know the Parts of Your Pool

Whether you handle the upkeep on your own or hire a professional pool maintenance service in St Charles County, MO, you will need to know all the pieces that go into keeping it safe. That way, you always know how to handle an emergency and can communicate effectively with any team you hire to care for your pool. Here are a few key components common in today’s swimming installations:

Cartridge Filter: Increasingly popular, this easy-to-use device does not require backwashing or disposal. It is also safe and highly effective at removing contaminants.

Pumps and Motors: These are the primary sources of flow that keep your pool from stagnating.

Gas Heater: The most common kind of heater in modern swimming pools, this device allows you to swim at comfortable temperatures even after summer passes.

Main Drain: If you ever need to empty your pool (or seem to have trouble doing so), this is the place to look.

Coping: Essentially a cap for the edge of a concrete pool, coping conceals the steel projecting from the walls while also preventing water from seeping past the pool shell.

Skimmer: Not a part of the pool per se, but essential to keep it in good condition, a skimmer is a net used to collect debris. Doing this regularly keeps more significant pieces out of important place like the drain and pumps. It is also useful when you drop something into the water and do not want to dive to get it back!

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4 Questions to Ask Before Building a Pool

The right water feature can transform your home and give you a place to make memories for a lifetime. Building a pool, however, is a significant investment. Like any expense, it is essential to consider all the factors involved before you commit. These four questions can help you make a smart decision about your installation:

What Kind of Pool Do You Want? With the right contractor, your possibilities are endless. Shop around and look at different designs to see everything from durable gunite to fiberglass in-ground pools in Missouri.

How Will It Impact Your Property? Pools often increase home value and add a significant selling point if you ever decide to move in the future. All the same, it is best to do some research and determine if the kind of installation you want is a good match for your property.

What is Your Budget? Do not let hype spend your money for you. Consider the savings you have for the project and whether you should hold off to get the pool you want. At the same time, get multiple quotes if you can–the right contractor may be able to get you the quality you deserve within your price range.

Will It Make You Happier than Community Options? If there are public pools in your area, think about how far away they are, and whether or not the investment of a new installation is worth the advantages of a private space you can always access.

Find out what to ask when it comes to building fiberglass in-ground pools in Missouri. These quick tips can help any homeowner get the best value.

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When to Begin New Pool Construction

As summer creeps closer, homeowners everywhere are looking at their neighbors’ pools and wishing they had their own. If you are one of those wishful thinkers, do not go green-eyed just yet. Getting your own pool is not as complicated as it sounds – but it does take a little planning.

First, make peace with the fact that you will be trekking to the community pool for at least a few more months. Most in-ground pools take a while to plan and install, so managing your expectations is essential. However, if speed is important to you, consider choosing a fiberglass in-ground pool in Missouri. These pools can take as little as one month to install.

Next, take some time to talk with your family about your outlook for the coming year. Are you planning any special events or parties on your property? If so, they will need to be coordinated around the pool construction work happening in your backyard. For example, if a new baby is on the way, you might want to wait to install your new pool until after the first few months.

As always, it is best to talk to an experienced pool contractor for specified details. A contractor can answer your questions and help you pick the best time to install a pool. Reach out to Little Giant Pool & Spa today at (636) 271-2200 to schedule your new pool construction.

Closing a Vinyl Pool

Hat on the edge of poolWhen it is finally time to close down your pool for the winter, it can be easy to learn how to accomplish this yourself. All you need is a pool cover, winter closing kit, and cleaning tools. If you are still unsure on closing your vinyl pools in Chesterfield, MO, you can always call Little Giant Pool & Spa for excellent services.

You will first want to remove any equipment in and around the pool. This can get in the way of the cover and also end up becoming damaged during harsher winter conditions. Once everything is out of the water that needs to be, test your pool to make sure the chemicals are appropriately balanced.

Once you are sure the pool water is balanced, begin adding in all of the winterization chemicals from the winter closing kit. This will ensure your water is properly treated to withstand the cold, snowy months. You will also want to shock your pool the night before you close it up to ensure no algae grow during the months you are not using the pool.

If you are in need of assistance closing up your pool for the winter, Little Giant Pool & Spa offers pool opening and closing services to residents all over Missouri. Give us a call today at (636) 271-2200 to schedule closing services for your in-ground pool.

Pool Safety Tips for Dogs

Siberian husky swimming with childrenDogs are a family’s best friend, and for those with fiberglass pools in Missouri, you may want your furry companion to join you in all of the pool-time festivities. Though some dogs may thoroughly enjoy hopping right into the water with you, taking the proper safety precautions for a pet in the pool is crucial. Below are some valuable safety tips you should follow before, during, and after your dog joins you in the pool.

Before: Make sure your dog knows how to swim before bringing them into the water. Though some say certain breeds are better swimmers, the real key is your pet’s personality. If your dog is timid, they may not be as willing to go into the water as an outgoing, explore everything type of pup. It will also help to purchase a life vest for your dog, even if they appear to be excellent swimmers and learning how to perform pet CPR can save your dog’s life in an emergency.

During: Once your dog is comfortably swimming around the water with you and your children, it is crucial to never take your eyes off of them. If they get tired, swallow some water, or find themselves in any other hazardous situations, you need to be available to act. You also need to ensure that your dog has an easy way out of the pool and has been trained to know exactly where the exit is. Never let your pet drink the pool water and make sure they have plenty of regular water and shade to relax in on those hot summer days.

After: Once you are all done in the pool, and your dog had a fun day of play, you will want to rinse them with clean water as soon as possible. This will remove the chlorine and other chemicals from their fur, which can be irritating and harmful to your pet.

Proper Vinyl Pool Maintenance

Blue pool water with a diving boardWhen you’re looking to install a brand new swimming pool in your backyard, vinyl pools can be a great alternative to fiberglass and concrete materials. Not only are they the least expensive, but they can many times be installed within a week. The flexibility in their design allows for fun and colorful patterns to make your outdoor oasis your own.

When it comes to maintaining vinyl pools in Chesterfield, MO, the liner is prone to rips and tears during use. Checking the liner regularly can prevent major disasters and expensive repairs from creeping up on you. If you do happen to find a leak in your liner, you can patch it up yourself, or call in the professionals at Little Giant Pool & Spa. The water stays in your vinyl pool year-round, as this is what keeps the liner in place. Because of its smooth surface, a vinyl liner helps prevent algae growth, meaning you can save a tremendous amount of money on chemicals.

When treating your pool, carefully measure the chemicals you are putting into it. Too much chlorine can fade the pattern of your liner, meaning you’ll need to replace it sooner if you want it to keep a gorgeous appearance. If you’re interested in installing a vinyl pool in your backyard, contact Little Giant Pool & Spa today at (636) 271-2200.

Advantages of Installing a Concrete Swimming Pool

Sunglasses on concrete by swimming poolWhen looking to have a new swimming pool installed in your backyard, there are a variety of materials you can choose from. Though many prefer the ease of fiberglass pools, concrete is another fantastic option. Not only is it extremely durable, but it is great for all climates. Below are just a few reasons why we recommend concrete pools in Missouri.


Concrete swimming pools are extremely durable and will last longer than any other material. If you’re worried about your in-ground pool surviving harsh weather conditions, especially if you live where cold winters are common, concrete is perfect. Concrete pools are also easier to maintain and provide more value to your home or property than other materials.

Great for All Weather

Concrete can withstand extreme cold and heat without warping or becoming damaged over time. Many people choose this option if they live in climates that have harsher winters or extreme summers. Concrete can also be a cheaper option than other materials, especially in the southern states where it’s easier to make.

Completely Customizable

Installing a concrete pool provides you with limitless customization. Since the concrete is poured on-site, you can choose whichever shape and depth fit your backyard the best to add your flair to the swimming area. You can also choose tiling that will match the patio and swim deck surfaces for a completely cohesive look to your pool.

3 Things You Should Know Before Building a New Pool

swimming pool with attached Jacuzzi and fire pit at nightBuilding a pool on your property is a great way to enhance the beauty of your home and provide entertainment for you and your family, but it is also a big step financially. When you build a custom pool, you need to plan carefully so that you end up with a pool that you love, and that fits within your budget and ability to maintain it. Here are three things to consider before you build a new pool.


The first thing you’ll want to think about is the exact location of your pool. Positioning it in a sunny area away from trees is your best bet if you want warm water and minimal debris getting into the pool. If you have a dog you should also consider how much of your backyard to exclude from the pool area so that your furry friend has a place to roam outside.


Pools are not cheap, so carefully consider your budget. Little Giant Pool can help you find a solution that fits your budget, so it’s a good idea to determine exactly what that budget is first. That should include the cost of regular maintenance as well. The size of your pool, the amenities (like heating) that you add, and the materials will vary depending on how much you want to spend.


Your final consideration should be how you want the pool to look. When you build a pool, you are creating an outdoor entertainment space, so you should put as much thought into the appearance of your pool as you would for a kitchen remodel. The pool should complement the aesthetic of your home and enhance its beauty.

When you’re ready for swimming pool construction in St. Louis County, MO turn to Little Giant Pool for high quality pools and thorough weekly maintenance.

Why You Should Always Choose Little Giant Pool & Spa

little girl swimming in pool with paddle boardWhen it comes to swimming pool construction in St. Louis County, MO, Little Giant Pool & Spa should be your go-to company every time. We pride ourselves in providing exceptional pool care and services to all residents in the St. Louis, Jefferson, Franklin, and St. Charles areas. Since 1984, our company has been building exceptional pools for residents all across the community.

At Little Giant Pool & Spa, we not only build brand new in-ground pools for our clients, but we also provide weekly pool maintenance. If you find yourself too busy to properly maintain your pool week after week, give us a call and we’ll come out and make sure everything is running smoothly. Our pool company will also open and close your pool each season so you’ll be able to use it as soon as the weather turns right.

A brand new pool will add value to both your home and your family’s summer activities. Birthday parties, holidays, and good weather get-togethers can all take place at your home with your brand new in-ground pool. For more information on why you should always choose our company for your pool services, call us at (636) 271-2200 and visit our testimonials page to read what others in the community have to say.