FAQs About Pool Liner Replacement in Missouri

pool liner replacement in missouri

Get the answers you need about pool liners here. If you have any additional questions, contact our pool maintenance company.

What is a pool liner?

A pool liner is a layer of resilient vinyl or another syntenic material that helps protect the floor and walls of your pool and also helps prevent leaks. They are typically applied to in-ground and above-ground pools during the installation process, but they must be replaced eventually.

When should a pool liner be replaced?

With careful maintenance, you’ll only need pool liner replacement in Missouri every 12 years or so. However, this time frame varies based on weather conditions, the chemicals used, and other factors. If you notice your liner is significantly faded in certain areas, looks wrinkled, or you suspect a leak, you likely need to call a pool repair company for a replacement.

How thick should my pool liner be?

Most pool liners are about 20 mil thick. Thicker liners are more damage-resistant and last longer, but they are also more expensive. You should shop around to determine the best option for your pool.

Are dark or light pool liners better?

Dark and light liners each have advantages and disadvantages, so it is a matter of preference. Dark liners tend to keep your pool warmer and hide debris better, but any discoloration from sun exposure or chemicals will be more noticeable. Light liners keep your pool cooler and resist discoloration better, but debris will be more noticeable.

How do I find a reliable team for above-ground pool liner replacement near me?

Do your research, whether it’s online or by talking to your neighbors. Keep in mind that a good pool liner replacement company will have extensive experience working with a variety of different pool types. When you contact them, they should be able to answer any liner questions you have easily.

The Benefits of Fiberglass Pools

fiberglass pools in missouri

In Missouri, fiberglass pools are an increasingly popular choice among homeowners. Also known as “one-piece pools,” they are built from a factory mold and shipped to their location ready to be installed. While fiberglass is in their name, they are also made with several other materials to ensure their strength. There are four reasons why our swimming pool contractors recommend this option.

Quick Installation: Once your pool’s shell is made, installation is as quick as seven days—a relatively short period compared to other in-ground options. Plus, the installation process isn’t as dependent on the weather, meaning you’re less likely to encounter delays and other issues.

Durability: Fiberglass shell pools are remarkably strong and less likely to be damaged than vinyl pools. Many pool owners report their liner being punctured by everything from dog claws to children’s toys; you don’t need to concern yourself with things like this when you choose fiberglass.

Low Maintenance: These pools are virtually maintenance-free. Their smooth, less porous surface prevent algae accounts, and there is no need for liner replacement or resurfacing. You’ll spend less time caring for your pool and more time enjoying it.

Low Lifetime Cost: While a fiberglass pool can be a big investment, its overall lifetime cost is notably low due to its durability and low maintenance. Talk to a qualified installer for an estimate on your new pool and find out how much you will save over time.