How to Winterize Your Pool

decemberblog1For Missouri residents that have in-ground pools, the winter can wreak havoc on your outdoor oasis. This is why it is so important to ensure that your pool is ready for the cold season. Here are some tips on getting your pool winter ready.

Clean out the Pool

The very first thing that you need to do is clean out your pool of any leaves, dirt, debris, and insects. Use your pool vacuum or just fish debris out with a net. Be sure to clean out the pump basket and the skimmer as well as clean the tile line with a quality tile cleaner. This will save you the headache from ridding your pool of scum before it has a chance to set in over the winter.

Balance the Water Chemistry

This will protect your pool from scale buildup and corrosion. You will need to utilize a water testing kit to make sure the water is adjusted to the recommended pH levels, including alkalinity, calcium for hardness, and chlorination.

Add a winterization chemical kit to the pool to prepare the pool for the winter months. Little Giant Pool & Spa specializes in pools in Jefferson, Missouri and can help you retrieve a winterization pool kit ideal for your sized pool.

How to Handle a Swimming Pool Leak, Pt. 2

novemberblog2A leak in your pool can put a halt in your summer fun. Fortunately, there are a few things you can do to assess and repair the problem.

Check out the vinyl lining. A vinyl liner could make repairing a leak more difficult, but it can still be done! If you notice that the lining has a leak behind the fitting or has completely broken free, you would be wise to call Little Giant Pool & Spa, your local specialists in pool repair in St. Charles, Missouri, to come and fix the problem for you.

Check the concrete surrounding your pool. It’s possible that your leak could be coming from cracks in the concrete foundation surrounding your pool. Squeeze some food coloring near cracks in your concrete and if the liquid gets sucked into the crack, it may signify that there is a leak. These can be patched yourself or you can call a pool repair specialist to complete the job for you.

For the best in pool repair in St. Charles, Missouri, contact Little Giant Pool & Spa today! Whether you need a leak repaired, vinyl liner replaced, or weekly maintenance, Little Giant Pool & Spa has you covered. Call us today at 636-271-2200.