Five Interesting Facts About Swimming Pools

Fiberglass Pools in St. Louis County, MO

There are few things as enjoyable on a hot summer day as going for a refreshing swim in a swimming pool. But did you know that the fiberglass pools in St. Louis County, MO, you enjoy have a long, rich history throughout the world? It is true! That is why we are excited to share five interesting facts you may not have known about pools.

1. President Gerald Ford Built the White House Pool in 1975
President Ford knew just how vital a good swim is, which is why he immediately built a pool on the White House lawn upon being sworn in. Not wanting to deal with nosy reporters, Ford also had a secret tunnel built that goes right to the pool.

2. The First Major Ship to Have a Pool Was the Titanic
Nowadays, it is hard to imagine a cruise ship that doesn’t have at least one pool on deck, but that wasn’t always the case. The Titanic started the trend with its medium-sized, 10 feet by 20 feet pool. The pool itself was filled with cold water from the Atlantic Ocean, which means it wasn’t quite the refreshing dip you’d find in one of today’s fiberglass in-ground pools.

3. Pool Filters Have Been Around for More Than 100 Years
Pool filters have been around almost as long as the swimming pools themselves. Why? Because finding a way to reuse the water in your pool was a must if you wanted to avoid bacteria and fungus or the hassle of constantly reapplying fresh water. To this very day, pool filters help us keep our water crystal clear for safe, comfortable swimming.

4. Around 95% of Swimming Pools Use Chlorine
While some people have started using other types of pool water cleaners, such as salt, Ozonators, and UV systems, most pool owners’ top choice is still chlorine. Why? Because nothing quite beats the sheer effectiveness of chlorine when it comes to keeping your swimming water sanitary.

5. Our Ancestors Had Swimming Pools Too
Having a refreshing swim in the water is something people have enjoyed since olden times. There are ancient drawings on walls in Egypt—dating all the way back to around 2,500 BCE—that show people swimming. That means swimming pools really are part of human history.