Installing In-Ground Pools in St. Louis, Missouri

Achieve your dream of pool ownership with the help of our pool installation and maintenance professionals at Little Giant Pool & Spa. Your outdoor space is unique to your home, family, and location and we believe in the highest level of personalization for each one of our pool renovations in Jefferson, Missouri. Our pools in Franklin, Missouri are made from materials including gunite, fiberglass, and vinyl. Our pool installation professionals are able to match your expectations with your budget, style preferences, and the size of your yard in order to build your perfect pool.

Experience the Durability of a Gunite Pool

Choosing the right materials for in-ground pools in St. Louis, Missouri can be tough, but our contractors will help you select the right look and material to achieve your goals. A gunite pool is extremely durable and is constructed by using a strong rebar framework that is surrounded with a concrete and sand-stone mixture, allowing the shape to be fully customizable. This means you can personalize your outdoor space and pool renovations in Jefferson, Missouri to your exact specifications, no matter what they may be. Call us today for your free home consultation!

Experience the Ease of a Fiberglass Pool

Another popular option is installing fiberglass pools in Franklin, Missouri. Our company is proud to offer a complete line of Imagine Pools in a number of shapes and sizes. Our pool experts understand how to analyze your landscaping, your plans for your new outdoor oasis, and help you choose just the right fiberglass pool for your backyard. If you are interested in a chlorine generator (saltwater pool), a fiberglass pool should be your first choice, as its surface and structure is superior compared to most gunite or vinyl structures.

Experience the Simple Elegance of Your Vinyl Lined Pools in Franklin, Missouri

In addition to installing in-ground pools in St. Louis, Missouri, we are happy to construct vinyl lined pools to improve your backyard without breaking the bank. Unlike gunite pools, vinyl lined pools can still provide the limitless shapes that can be constructed without sharing the higher cost. Many add-ons like steps, in-wall ladders, and relaxing jetted seats can be added to your vinyl lined pool as well. Call Little Giant Pool & Spa today for your free home consultation for pool renovations in Jefferson, Missouri.

Automatic Pool Covering System

If you’re concerned about a safer pool environment and maintenance issues, you’ve come to the right place. Little Giant Pool & Spa has been installing CoverPools® automatic pool covers for over 30 years! You can rest assured that your children are safe and the pool is protected all the way through October. Let Little Giant Pool & Spa design a pool utilizing the automatic pool cover from CoverPools® to give you peace of mind all year long.

For the best services pertaining to in-ground pools in St. Louis, Missouri, contact Little Giant Pool & Spa today! We are proud to serve clients all throughout Missouri in St. Louis, Franklin, Jefferson, and St. Charles County.

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