Get Your Much Needed Pool Renovations in Jefferson, Missouri

Even if you take excellent care of your pool at every turn, it is a fact that you will eventually need pool renovations in Jefferson, Missouri. Whether your pool is worn out of you are ready to invest in a complete surface refresh, Little Giant Pool & Spa is here to help. As one of the leading pool repair companies in the area, we can provide you with a much-needed remodel that is sure to stand the test of time. We can change the finish with resurfacing, add titles or borders, and even fix the decking surrounding it. Once your pool renovations are complete, we will gladly handle your weekly maintenance during the swimming season.

StoneScapes® Creates an Elegant New Look

Perhaps the most respected pool finishes in the industry are StoneScapes® surfaces. As part of our pool renovations in Franklin County, we transform the interior to have a pebble-like finish that is not just any ordinary surface. Unique, natural colors are created by the play of sunlight, shade, water color, and finish color. As the sun, shade, and wind change throughout the day, so will the gorgeous color of your new finish. This option gives your pool a look that does not show imperfection, looks elegant, and strengthens your pool. Only trained installers can be relied on for these pool renovations, which is where our team comes in! Our clients love the look of StoneScapes® because it is durable and resilient. We also offer a traditional marcite plaster finish.

Make Your Swimming Pool Tile and Coping Ideas a Reality

Adding a new trim to your pool creates a high-end look for your outdoor space. At Little Giant Pool & Spa, we offer a full range of NPT® tile borders. Clients often come to us because we are experts at matching a specific architectural style or creating an ambiance that elevates a space. The right combination of tiles can add a beautiful visual element to our customers’ pool renovations in Jefferson, Missouri. In addition to tile, our team can add coping made of brick, concrete, or stone to the outside of your pool.

Choose the Right Pool Resurfacing Material

As part of your options for pool renovations in Franklin County, resurfacing your pool can be done with many materials. One popular choice, especially for a pool in good condition, is using an Olympic paint pool coating. Our professionals will prepare your pool’s surface before applying the pool resurfacing material. Signs it is time to invest in pool resurfacing include:

  • Your water appears dingy and dirty, even when clean
  • A rough surface that potentially cuts your feet
  • Flaking or scaling of your old resurfacing material
  • Chalking on the pool walls
  • More algae growth even after cleaning
  • Stains on the surface of your pool

Contact us for an assessment of your pool and subsequent pool remodel if our professionals determine it needed. As one of the leading pool repair companies, we are proud to serve clients all over Pacific, MO, and the surrounding areas.