Prepare for the Off-Season with Covers for your Pools in Jefferson, Missouri

Keep your family and neighbors safe in the winter when you come to us for pool covers to close up your pools in Jefferson, Missouri during the off-season. Even during the summer when you are not home, adding a pool cover will keep you safe against liability due to accidents and poor weather. Little Giant Pool & Spa is one of the best pool repair companies in St. Louis, Missouri and we offer comprehensive care services from maintenance all the way to new pool installation. We pay attention to every aspect of safety when it comes to pools!

Close Up Your In-Ground Pool for Winter with a Pool Covering

Get the right cover for your pools in Franklin, Missouri to make it through this winter by coming to our team for installation. Our team installs two types of pool covers, both manual and automatic. The systems we install can be automatic with undertrack systems that are hidden below your deck or manual systems that can be pulled out and snapped in with ease.

When the end of the swimming season comes around, our maintenance team can come by and make sure your cover is added properly after prepping your pools in Jefferson, Missouri for the winter. There are advantages to each type of pool cover, but no matter what you choose, you will get benefits including:

  • Reducing evaporation from your pool
  • Increasing the temperature of your water
  • Keeping your family and friends safe from accidents
  • Keeping debris out of your pool to reduce the time spent on pool maintenance
  • Decreasing your need for chemical adjustments
  • Extending the lifetime of your pool equipment

Automatic, Outdoor Pool Covering for Daily Use

An automatic pool cover is great for daily use, especially in cases where you do not have a fence surrounding your yard. In order to keep yourself and your neighbors safe from accidents, simply pull out your pool covering when not using the pool. We use high-strength covers that can withstand the weight of several adults. One of our most popular installations is the Step-Saver pool cover that can be manually opened in about a minute. The regular use of an outdoor covering on pools in Franklin, Missouri has the potential to save lives, whether it is the life of a child, adult, or even a family pet.

Visit our team of professionals if you are looking for the perfect fit. Contact us when you are in need of reliable pool repair companies in St. Louis, Missouri. We are proud to serve clients in St. Louis, Missouri as well as the surrounding communities.