In-Ground Pool Repair in Franklin, Missouri

Enjoy your pool whenever you want to, as you know you can rely on your pool equipment running properly with Little Giant Pool & Spa servicing your pool. All of the moving parts involved in keeping your pool safe and functional will eventually wear out. Our team specializes in providing clients with Franklin County pool repair that lasts! Our pool repair specialists regularly complete extensive repairs, including work on all swimming pool pumps, pool filters, chlorine generators (saltwater pools), automatic pool chlorinators, pool heaters, and more. In addition to standard repair work, we offer weekly maintenance and will identify and correct any issues quickly. Our professionals have been serving clients since 1984, and we continuously improve our technical practices to provide you with the most advanced repairs possible.

“I am Losing Water”

Nothing is more aggravating than trying to find a leak in a swimming pool. At Little Giant Pool & Spa, our trained service technicians are trained to locate leaks in any pool structure such as vinyl-lined pools, gunite pools, and fiberglass pools in Missouri. We have the technology to identify and repair any leak whether it is in the structure, pool lines, or equipment.

“My Pool Looks like Bath Water”

Does your pool water look like used bath water? Your pool’s circulatory system may need to be retired. Little Giant Pool & Spa supplies and installs all Pentair pool products. Our service technicians will determine whether you need a new pump, filter, or sanitizing system. With our team and a Pentair pool product by your side, we guarantee a sparkling, healthy pool that will last for years to come.

“I want to be Eco-Friendly”

Do you want to create a more eco-friendly water environment for your family and friends? Little Giant Pool & Spa has many products from Pentair to ensure a safe and energy efficient swimming experience as part of our in-ground pool repair in Franklin, Missouri. Whether you are looking for a more efficient pool heater, a variable speed pump, an automation system to monitor your pool conditions at any time, or a pool water sanitizing system using ultraviolet light, our technicians are equipped to install everything you need.

Signs You Need Swimming Pool Repair Services

Pay attention to the warning signs that your pool needs a repair. Whether you need our routine maintenance services of you are looking for more extensive Franklin County pool repair, our team knows how to help. Some of the most common signs of needing swimming pool repair services include:

  • Your pool pump is not running effectively
  • The pool is murky and green after maintenance
  • A loud noise comes from the pump
  • Cracking on the surface of the pool
  • Wearing or tearing on the pool liner
  • The pool is leaking
  • Cracking or holes in the filtration system
  • A loose or missing piece of coping

Pool Shock Keeps Your Water Safe

Before your family can enjoy the pool at a whim, the water will need to be shocked. We make sure that all organic pollutants and bacteria are killed before harm comes to a swimmer in your family. If you are unsure of what your pool needs to be clear and safe, our experts can come in with the right combination of chemicals. Our pool maintenance team may also recommend adding pool shocking to your weekly maintenance package.

Swimming Pool Pump Repair to Keep Your Water Healthy

Enjoy your pool whenever you want, knowing your pump is working correctly. At Little Giant Pool & Spa, we offer swimming pool pumps as part of our in-ground pool repair in Franklin, Missouri. Because this device is used to keep your water clean and flowing, a nonfunctional pump will render your pool unusable until repaired.

Get Clogs Fixed with Automatic Chlorinator Repair

You might think your automatic chlorinator is functioning properly until you notice your pool is starting to change color. This useful device is popular among homeowners with saltwater pools but can become clogged or no longer useful. Our professionals know how to conduct automatic chlorinator repair, which fixes clogs and extends the lifetime of your device.

Look no further than our team of professionals when you need repair for your fiberglass pools in Missouri. Contact us immediately when you need pool repair services. We are proud to serve clients in St. Louis, Missouri, as well as the surrounding communities.