Personalized Weekly Pool Maintenance in St. Louis, Missouri

Never worry about your pool again when you come to us for weekly pool maintenance in St. Louis, Missouri and the surrounding areas. From seasonal services when swimming season is in full-swing to closing up the pool for the winter, we take a big task off of your to-do list. Experience all of the benefits and none of the drawbacks associated with being a pool owner by relying on us for pool maintenance in Missouri. Little Giant Pool & Spa is a pool maintenance, installation, and repair company that has been in business since 1984. Look no further than our company for year-round maintenance on in-ground pools in St. Louis, Missouri.

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Pool Water Treatments Improve Safety

Invite family and friends to enjoy your outdoor space with ease by coming to us for water treatments for your in-ground pools in St. Louis, Missouri. We make sure your water is ready to be used, whether your kids want to take a quick dip or you have an impromptu neighborhood get together. In addition to the safety benefits, pool water treatments extend the lifetime of your pool by not overworking its moving parts and stopping damaging bacteria buildup. Regular maintenance often detects minor issues before they become major problems that require full resurfacing work.

We Never Skimp on the Basics of Pool Cleaning

Whether you are home or not, our pool cleaning professionals always provide the same level of service. We follow through on a series of steps that keep your pool functional and ready to use whenever you want to take a dip. Customers come to us for weekly, biweekly, and even monthly cleaning service for their pools in Jefferson, Missouri. Depending on the frequency of our visits and the condition of your pool, the pool cleaning work we undertake will include:

  • Emptying the skimmer
  • Emptying the pump basket
  • Checking the water temperature
  • Looking at the water for color and visible dirt or leaves
  • Testing the pH and alkalinity of the water
  • Adjusting the alkalinity, oxidizer, and stabilizer levels
  • Cleaning and brushing the walls of the pool
  • Making sure the filter has enough pressure
  • Checking and adjusting the water levels
  • Testing for and adjusting the calcium hardness
  • Chemically cleaning the pool filter
  • Inspecting the grout and tiling for any obvious issues

Our Swimming Pool Cleaners Work with Saltwater

More and more homeowners are investing in saltwater pools in Jefferson, Missouri for their homes. If you have a salt water pool, we can maintain your pool as necessary. Our team knows all of the concentrations necessary for keeping a saltwater pool safe for use. If there are any specific manufacturer’s instructions you need us to follow, our swimming pool cleaners are able to help.

Schedule an appointment with us if you are ready to enjoy your pool more. Contact us today for all of your needs relating to weekly pool maintenance in St. Louis, Missouri. We are proud to serve clients in St. Louis, Missouri as well as the surrounding communities.