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The Importance of Fiberglass Pool Maintenance Services

Pool Maintenance Service In St. Charles County, MO

Summer in Missouri doesn’t last long, so make the most of sunny days and hire a professional for pool maintenance service in St. Charles County, MO. Your pool is an investment, so keeping it in good shape will mean you can enjoy many years of swimming and splashing.

One of the primary reasons people choose fiberglass pools is that they don’t take much to keep them looking great. Basic upkeep includes:

Regular Cleaning

One of the best ways to reduce debris accumulation is to invest in a pool cover. It keeps leaves, insects, pollen, and dust out of the pool. However, it’s not the final solution; you’ll need to vacuum, skim, and scrub the pool to keep the fiberglass and water looking great.

Adjusting the pH

You must monitor the water pH. Too alkaline and it won’t control bacterial growth; too low and it will cause skin irritation.

Running the Filter

Fiberglass pool filters only need to run once a day. Check how much water your filter can circulate per hour so you know how long it needs to run.

Maintaining the Correct Water Levels

The water level must stay above the skimmer in an inground pool to balance the upward pressure of groundwater. Without this balance, the fiberglass shell could heave out of place.

Your pool maintenance company can answer any questions about your installation. They are always happy to provide services that will keep it looking great all season long.

How Often Must You Clean & Maintain Your Pool?

Weekly Pool Cleaning Service In Missouri

If you think of your pool as a living organism, you’ll understand why it needs regular cleaning and maintenance to stay balanced. Take a few moments every day and develop a routine that keeps the water fresh and clear. When you also schedule a weekly pool cleaning service in Missouri, you’ll reap the rewards of a healthy, pristine pool.

Small Efforts Pay Big Dividends

Vacuuming and skimming your pool is one of the best ways to keep it looking incredible. Leaves, pollen, dust, and insects find their way into the water and drift to the bottom. Once there, they start to create a scum that can quickly get out of control. It’s best to stay ahead of any debris that falls into the water and keep the sides and bottom clean.

Perfect Your pH

The pH levels in your pool will indicate whether it’s safe to swim. Too low, you risk skin irritation; too high, and the bacteria can get out of control. Remember that 7 is neutral, which is where you want your pool alkalinity to sit.

Shocking Developments

Give your pool a shock treatment every week. It’s not the same as a major shock treatment from professional pool maintenance services, but it will help you stay ahead of issues. It’s also good to add algae preventative every week to keep growth at bay.

Talk to your local swimming pool contractor if you have any maintenance concerns.

The Health Benefits of Swimming in Fiberglass In-Ground Pools in Missouri

Fiberglass In-Ground Pools in Missouri

Taking a swim in fiberglass in-ground pools in Missouri is good for your mind, body, and soul. Unlike many of the other cardio exercises—such as running or biking—swimming works your entire body from head to toe so you can burn significant calories. Even better, you don’t have to be an Olympic swimmer to see results. Some of the benefits you can enjoy when regularly swimming in a fiberglass pool include:

Get Into Shape – If you are swimming at a moderate pace for about an hour, you can start to really burn away calories. Swimming at a more vigorous pace? Then expect to say goodbye to even more calories. An hour-long swim in your pool every day works out your entire body and tones your muscles while helping you to build your strength and endurance.

Lose Weight – You can enjoy the benefits of swimming at any time of the day or night, but if your goal is to lose weight, you might want to consider a morning swim before breakfast. Why? Because your carbohydrate stores have been depleted overnight, which means your body is more likely to raid your fat stores for fuel. This means you burn more calories during your AM swim while also waking up your body’s metabolism. Not too shabby if you want to stop being flabby!

Better Sleep at Night – In a 2010 study, scientists found that those who perform regular aerobic exercise were able to sleep better and longer—even if they suffered from a chronic sleep disorder. With just 30 minutes of aerobic exercise a day, you might notice an improvement when it comes to bedtime.

Good for Your Back – Dealing with back issues? Take some of the pressure off with a nice swim. Swimming is a low-impact, horizontal workout that counterbalances any time you spend sitting behind your desk or behind a steering wheel. And, unlike running or bike riding, there is no hard impact on your back.

Reduce Stress Levels – Regular exercise is a great way to release stress-relieving endorphins. Swimming takes this a little bit further when it comes to relieving stress. How? Because aquatic physical activities are less impactful on the body and help alleviate many of the painful symptoms and conditions caused by chronic stress.

Five Interesting Facts About Swimming Pools

Fiberglass Pools in St. Louis County, MO

There are few things as enjoyable on a hot summer day as going for a refreshing swim in a swimming pool. But did you know that the fiberglass pools in St. Louis County, MO, you enjoy have a long, rich history throughout the world? It is true! That is why we are excited to share five interesting facts you may not have known about pools.

1. President Gerald Ford Built the White House Pool in 1975
President Ford knew just how vital a good swim is, which is why he immediately built a pool on the White House lawn upon being sworn in. Not wanting to deal with nosy reporters, Ford also had a secret tunnel built that goes right to the pool.

2. The First Major Ship to Have a Pool Was the Titanic
Nowadays, it is hard to imagine a cruise ship that doesn’t have at least one pool on deck, but that wasn’t always the case. The Titanic started the trend with its medium-sized, 10 feet by 20 feet pool. The pool itself was filled with cold water from the Atlantic Ocean, which means it wasn’t quite the refreshing dip you’d find in one of today’s fiberglass in-ground pools.

3. Pool Filters Have Been Around for More Than 100 Years
Pool filters have been around almost as long as the swimming pools themselves. Why? Because finding a way to reuse the water in your pool was a must if you wanted to avoid bacteria and fungus or the hassle of constantly reapplying fresh water. To this very day, pool filters help us keep our water crystal clear for safe, comfortable swimming.

4. Around 95% of Swimming Pools Use Chlorine
While some people have started using other types of pool water cleaners, such as salt, Ozonators, and UV systems, most pool owners’ top choice is still chlorine. Why? Because nothing quite beats the sheer effectiveness of chlorine when it comes to keeping your swimming water sanitary.

5. Our Ancestors Had Swimming Pools Too
Having a refreshing swim in the water is something people have enjoyed since olden times. There are ancient drawings on walls in Egypt—dating all the way back to around 2,500 BCE—that show people swimming. That means swimming pools really are part of human history.

The Four Different Types of Inground Pools

Missouri Fiberglass Shell Pools

In Missouri, fiberglass shell pools are among the most popular, but there are other options when you’re thinking of investing in a backyard pool oasis.


These permanent installations use steel-reinforced concrete to form a shell. Concrete is a durable and porous material that holds water, provides stability, and can be replastered when needed. They can be sculpted into almost any shape and may have additional features added, like steps and ramps.

Alternative Finishes

If you have a concrete pool, you might want to upgrade the interior surface with an aggregate. Tile, stone, and man-made materials are popular choices for giving pools an elegant and luxurious appearance.


Fiberglass inground pools come as a single form that gets inserted into an excavated hole. These ready-made pools come in various shapes, with steps, spas, and benches usually pre-formed.


Vinyl pools cover metal or plastic frames and can be above or set into the ground. The liner sits on a bed of sand or other material with the top held down by coping to create a finished edge.

Each pool type comes with a different price point, so it’s best to talk to your local pool supplier to determine which style will fit within your budget. No matter your choice, you’ll appreciate the cool refreshment your pool offers during the height of summer.

The Benefits of Regular Pool Maintenance

Pool Maintenance Service in St. Charles County, MO

Owning a pool has its benefits, but like any major installation, it requires some maintenance. Once you know how to care for it, you’ll enjoy years of relaxation and entertainment as the sun reaches its zenith.

Longer Pool Life

Your St. Charles County, MO, pool maintenance service will protect your investment. Taking care of your pool means spending more days floating on the sparkling water. Clog-free filters, less debris, and minimal algae growth can help extend the life of your pool.

Safety First

Contaminated water irritates the skin and eyes; no one wants to exit the pool and end up with a rash or worse. Pool maintenance services will remove unwanted germs and ensure everyone spending their days in the water stays safe.

The Correct Chemical Balance

Pool pH balances get a headline of their own. High acidity levels can burn skin and cause eye irritation, so maintaining the correct balance is paramount.

Regular Attention Cuts Costs

The more time you spend maintaining your pool, the less money you will spend in the long run. Whether you do it yourself or hire pool maintenance services, staying ahead of issues is the best way to prevent expensive repairs.

When your pool is operating at maximum efficiency and everything is balanced, you can safely enjoy your time floating the days away and catching some rays.