Fiberglass Shell Pools

The Four Different Types of Inground Pools

Missouri Fiberglass Shell Pools

In Missouri, fiberglass shell pools are among the most popular, but there are other options when you’re thinking of investing in a backyard pool oasis.


These permanent installations use steel-reinforced concrete to form a shell. Concrete is a durable and porous material that holds water, provides stability, and can be replastered when needed. They can be sculpted into almost any shape and may have additional features added, like steps and ramps.

Alternative Finishes

If you have a concrete pool, you might want to upgrade the interior surface with an aggregate. Tile, stone, and man-made materials are popular choices for giving pools an elegant and luxurious appearance.


Fiberglass inground pools come as a single form that gets inserted into an excavated hole. These ready-made pools come in various shapes, with steps, spas, and benches usually pre-formed.


Vinyl pools cover metal or plastic frames and can be above or set into the ground. The liner sits on a bed of sand or other material with the top held down by coping to create a finished edge.

Each pool type comes with a different price point, so it’s best to talk to your local pool supplier to determine which style will fit within your budget. No matter your choice, you’ll appreciate the cool refreshment your pool offers during the height of summer.