Is It Safe to Use Saltwater for your Fiberglass Shell Pools?

missouri fiberglass shell pools

You might be wondering if fiberglass shell pools in Missouri are able to handle saltwater. We’ve got great news for you—they are! A saltwater system is a great option that comes with a lot of benefits over a traditional chlorine pool, including being much gentler on your eyes and skin, leaving you feeling cleaner after a good swim, and giving the water a “clearer” and even “silkier” look and feel.

What is important to remember is that saltwater can be corrosive. That means you need to keep in mind what type of liner you are using—is it a vinyl liner, concrete, plaster—as well as where the metal parts and connections are to reduce potential damage. It is a good idea to discuss with your swimming pool builder if you are considering having a saltwater system installed. That way, they can guide you toward the options that will best help you avoid any of the few cons that come with this type of system.

However, with the right materials and equipment, you will find that your saltwater swimming pool will deliver a completely new, unique, and improved swimming experience for you, your family, and your friends to enjoy. Plus, with everything properly set up by a professional, you’ll find you’ll need less harsh chemicals and maintenance to keep your fiberglass pool just how you like it.