Swimming Pool Code Requirements

Swimming Pool Code RequirementsNew swimming pool construction can be an exciting time for homeowners. If you are one of the fortunate who is planning to add a pool to their backyard, then it won’t be long before you become the proud owner of a new recreation area. However, there may be rules and regulations that could be limiting your ideas.


All communities have rules for builders and construction professionals to follow. Many of these regulations are put forth as a way to ensure the safety of occupants and to promote the durability of buildings and surrounding infrastructure. Local building codes depend on where you live, but many are based on model codes established by national and international organizations. There are three organizations that govern construction codes around the world:


ICC: The International Code Council supervises many aspects of commercial and residential construction. This can include codes related to property maintenance, pool and spa construction, fuel, gas, and more.


IBC: The International Building Code covers regulations related to commercial construction.


IRC: The International Residential Code applies to a residential construction project, including new construction and home remodeling.


Becoming a member of the ICC may not be necessary, but there is also a good chance that your local building codes are informed by many of the ICCs codes. The building codes established by these organizations may be a part of your state or municipality’s building regulations. When shopping around for a pool construction contractor, it is important to verify if they are familiar with local codes and qualified to conduct work where you live.