The Importance of Pool Shocking

Weekly Pool MaintenanceYour swimming pool is a great place for hosting parties and staying active. Like any other part of your home, your pool also has certain maintenance requirements. A component of maintenance includes pool shocking. Today, we will discuss why you need to incorporate this process into your weekly pool maintenance in St. Louis County, MO.


Pool shocking is the process of raising the free chlorine levels in the pool water. Algae growth is a common cause of the creation of dangerous pool environments, and its growth can leave unsightly marks. Chlorine serves to counteract the growth of algae, and it also deters the presence of other harmful microorganisms.


Since pool shocking plays a critical role in keeping your swimming area clean, it is recommended to add chlorine to the water periodically. During the peak swimming season, such as summertime, you should aim for weekly pool maintenance. However, you may need to adjust this schedule according to the weather (such as long periods of sun or rain) in relation to how often your pool sees use.


You need to shock your pool if any of the following happens:

  • Algae Is Growing in Your Pool
  • The Free Chlorine Levels in Your Pool Are at Zero
  • The Combined Chlorine Level Is above 0.5


Many pool supply stores offer pool shocking kits, which include measuring tools and chlorine. You can also arrange a maintenance program with professional pool cleaners. Professionals may offer service packages that can check the entirety of your pool system.