Three Reasons to Invest in a Pool Cover

Fiberglass In-Ground Pools in MissouriWhen it comes to fiberglass in-ground pools in Missouri, many owners wait until the fall to purchase a cover. Though they’re commonly associated with keeping out leaves and other debris, you don’t need to put off buying yours – and, in fact, you shouldn’t. Here are three reasons to invest in a pool cover today:

  • A Better Swimming Experience – You may want to keep leaves out later, but you want to enjoy a swim now. That’s much easier to do without tons of chemicals that can cause everything from skin irritation to asthma aggravation. A pool cover can cut down chemical use by as much as 60 percent.
  • Less Evaporation – Keeping water in your pool isn’t cheap, and it gets more expensive in the sweltering heat of summer. Use a cover to reduce evaporation and save money on water costs.
  • Year-Round Debris Protection – Leaves might be one of the most visible kinds of debris, but they’re far from alone. Even in the middle of summer, there’s no shortage of things that can clog your filter or lead to tons of time spent with a net in hand. Insects, dog toys, mower clippings, and more won’t take up your day when you protect your pool from incursion with a cover.