Sorry for the delay getting back to you, but it’s been a little crazy around work these days….good crazy, but hectic.  I’m ready for a slowdown…..but if you wanted chit-chat you would have called so on to your response.

You probably won’t recall, but I chose LGPS over your competitors and actually went with your bid that was $5000 or so higher.  Thinking back as to why I did that, I remember wanting to work with a contractor that saw me as a valuable client, not simply as a job.  I wanted to know that my satisfaction was more important than getting onto the next job.  You gave me that feeling more than any of the other people I got bids from.

In hindsight, I came out looking like a pretty smart guy who made the right choice…..remember the tough install you ran into…..oh yeah, and you came out looking pretty good too.  Which leads me to your second question.  You don’t know this, but when the topic of pools comes up and I am asked my opinion, I do the same thing every single time:  I pull out my wallet, take out your business card, and show your home phone number.  THAT’S how much his clients mean to him, I say.

I suppose one day I should actually call that number to make sure you really did give me your home number.  The joke’s probably on me…’s probably the number to Franks Tavern in DeSoto.  Whatever.  The point is that you were concerned enough with my satisfaction to tell me to call with any question or problem I ran into.  You wanted a long-term customer, not just an install, and that’s why I am happy to recommend LGPS.