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Learning about the Different Types of Swimming Pools

Backyard with swimming pool and patio areaSo, do you see yourself lazing by the pool with a cold drink and a great book at your side? Alternatively, maybe you want a pool for exercise, doing multiple laps every day. Alternatively, perhaps, you would like a pool to splash around in with the kids. There are no wrong reasons to want a pool. You need to decide what type of pool you want in your backyard.

There are two basic categories of pools — above-ground and in-ground. Those above ground cost much less and can move with you. For more permanence and value, select a pool that is built into the ground. It will cost you more, but it raises the value and appeal of your property.

Then, also, there are different materials from which a pool is made. These include:

  • Fiberglass: You have plenty of options with this material for it is available in several sizes, shapes, and colors. Fiberglass in-ground pools in Missouri provide permanence, as well as stability, and can host a chlorine generator.
  • Gunite: Known for durability, gunite pools have a rebar framework to make them strong and sturdy. Select the size and shape of your pool according to your landscape.
  • Vinyl: These cost-effective liners can be made to fit a pool’s shape and size. The liners cover plastic, concrete, or steel walls.

Ask us to build you fiberglass in-ground pools in Missouri. These pools offer easy installation and come in a wide range of colors, shapes, and sizes.