How to have the In-Ground Pool of your Dreams, Pt. 2

pexels-photo-101986-largeThe perfect in-ground pool could be right in your backyard with a little planning and attention to detail. Little Giant Pool & Spa is a pool construction company servicing the St. Louis, Missouri area and we strive for perfection in every job we do, whether it’s weekly pool maintenance or a brand new pool construction.

When you want to make your dream pool a reality, one important step to take is to site the pool in your back yard. Picking the best place for your in-ground pool to be built is just as important as the pool itself and you should consider the following when scanning your outdoor space for the perfect pool location.

  • Fun in the Sun: picking a spot in your yard that’s well open to sunlight not only provides warmth to the water, but keeping it away from trees and bushes in your yard can reduce the amount of debris that will fall in.
  • Keep Those Trees: Though you don’t want them too close to avoid fallen leaves, having trees or shrubbery nearby can help prevent the wind from blowing onto your pool and cooling down the water.
  • High Riser: You’ll want to avoid building your pool in a low-lying area, as the pool could flood with mud and debris during any heavy rainfall.
  • Avoid Electricity: Be aware of your outdoor surroundings, both above and below your yard. You don’t want to build your pool under any electrical lines or telephone poles and you’ll want to avoid building over sewer lines, septic systems, and electrical cables.
  • Keep an Eye Out: If possible, you’ll want to build the pool within view of your house so you can keep an eye on swimmers while indoors, especially if there are children in the household.

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