Benefits of an In-Ground Pool

Why You Should Invest in In-Ground Pools in Jefferson, Missouri

In-ground pools not only add a great deal of enjoyment during the warmer months, they also add a level of prestige and increase the resale value of a property. Even in areas where summer doesn’t last as long, the presence and availability of an in-ground pool can help to maximize those highly coveted warm summer days that can be extended thanks to the heated water of an in-ground pool.

At Little Giant Pool & Spa, we have been servicing pools in Jefferson, Missouri since 1984 with weekly maintenance, opening/closing, and repair services. Below are just some of the many benefits that come with having an in-ground pool installed on your property by our professionals in pools Jefferson Missouri.

More Options Compared to an Above-Ground

Above-ground pools in Jefferson, Missouri can be great, but there’s so much more enjoyment to be experienced with an in-ground pool. Above-ground pools only come with one level, whereas you can customize your in-ground pool to feature a deep end and shallow end at depths of your choosing. There’s also no option to customize the aesthetics of your above-ground pool, whereas in-ground pools can come with a seemingly endless array of landscaping around them to personalize the look.

More Enjoyable

You can certainly splash around and cool off in an above-ground pool, but it can be a hassle to always have to climb a ladder to get in and out. Jumping into a pool is a lot more difficult in an above-ground pool too, since you’re restricted by the platform, ladder, and singular depth. If you do jump off the ladder, you run the risk of ripping the lining of the pool. On the other hand, in-ground pools in Jefferson, Missouri are easy to get in and out of without having to climb a ladder. You can jump in from any point, including from a diving board if you choose to install one.

They Add Value to Your Property

Many home buyers consider an in-ground pool a major selling point when looking for a home and would be willing to spend more money on homes that contained pools in Jefferson, Missouri than those without. The money that you spend up front to have the pool installed can easily come back to you in the future should you ever decide to sell your home.