How to keep your In-Ground Pools in St. Louis, Missouri Safe in the winter

As any longtime St. Louis resident can confirm, winter is no time for outdoor swimming. Given the abundant snowfall and icy-cold temperatures, any swimming you do during the winter months should be done indoors. However, this doesn’t keep owners from having to care for their in-ground pools in St. Louis, Missouri throughout the off-season. Fortunately, off-season maintenance is considerably easier and less time-consuming than summertime maintenance. In the interest of keeping your in-ground pool safe all winter long, heed the following tips.

  1. Add Chlorine and Algaecide

Before covering up your in-ground pools in St. Louis, Missouri for the winter, take care to add some chlorine and algaecide. This will go a long way in keeping the water clean during the off-season and ensure that you have a containment-free pool to look forward to come springtime.

  1. Get a Properly-Fitting Pool Cover

Adding chlorine and algaecide will serve you well, but in the fight against cold weather contamination, there’s no substitute for a properly-fitting pool cover. Before investing in a cover for your in-ground pools in St. Louis, Missouri, take detailed measurements of your pool to ensure that your new cover fits it to a T.

A cover that’s too large is practically guaranteed to let contaminants in, while a cover that’s too small may become detached and get carried away by wind. When shopping around for the right pool cover, pay a visit to the number one purveyor of in-ground pools in St. Louis, Missouri.

  1. Check Water Levels Monthly

If you have an older pool cover, it’s important to keep an eye out for leaks. With this in mind, check your pool’s water levels every month. If you find that they’re dropping, there’s a good chance that your cover has been penetrated and incurred some holes.

Regular maintenance is an unavoidable part of owning an in-ground swimming pool, even during the frigid winter months. Luckily, keeping your in-ground pools in St. Louis, Missouri in prime condition throughout the off-season shouldn’t prove terrible inconvenient – provided, of course, you put the previously discussed pointers into practice. Contact Little Giant Pool & Spa today at 636-271-2200 to inquire about our maintenance services.