Children having fun in an outdoor swimming pool

When to Begin New Pool Construction

As summer creeps closer, homeowners everywhere are looking at their neighbors’ pools and wishing they had their own. If you are one of those wishful thinkers, do not go green-eyed just yet. Getting your own pool is not as complicated as it sounds – but it does take a little planning.

First, make peace with the fact that you will be trekking to the community pool for at least a few more months. Most in-ground pools take a while to plan and install, so managing your expectations is essential. However, if speed is important to you, consider choosing a fiberglass in-ground pool in Missouri. These pools can take as little as one month to install.

Next, take some time to talk with your family about your outlook for the coming year. Are you planning any special events or parties on your property? If so, they will need to be coordinated around the pool construction work happening in your backyard. For example, if a new baby is on the way, you might want to wait to install your new pool until after the first few months.

As always, it is best to talk to an experienced pool contractor for specified details. A contractor can answer your questions and help you pick the best time to install a pool. Reach out to Little Giant Pool & Spa today at (636) 271-2200 to schedule your new pool construction.