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Closing a Vinyl Pool

Hat on the edge of poolWhen it is finally time to close down your pool for the winter, it can be easy to learn how to accomplish this yourself. All you need is a pool cover, winter closing kit, and cleaning tools. If you are still unsure on closing your vinyl pools in Chesterfield, MO, you can always call Little Giant Pool & Spa for excellent services.

You will first want to remove any equipment in and around the pool. This can get in the way of the cover and also end up becoming damaged during harsher winter conditions. Once everything is out of the water that needs to be, test your pool to make sure the chemicals are appropriately balanced.

Once you are sure the pool water is balanced, begin adding in all of the winterization chemicals from the winter closing kit. This will ensure your water is properly treated to withstand the cold, snowy months. You will also want to shock your pool the night before you close it up to ensure no algae grow during the months you are not using the pool.

If you are in need of assistance closing up your pool for the winter, Little Giant Pool & Spa offers pool opening and closing services to residents all over Missouri. Give us a call today at (636) 271-2200 to schedule closing services for your in-ground pool.

Proper Vinyl Pool Maintenance

Blue pool water with a diving boardWhen you’re looking to install a brand new swimming pool in your backyard, vinyl pools can be a great alternative to fiberglass and concrete materials. Not only are they the least expensive, but they can many times be installed within a week. The flexibility in their design allows for fun and colorful patterns to make your outdoor oasis your own.

When it comes to maintaining vinyl pools in Chesterfield, MO, the liner is prone to rips and tears during use. Checking the liner regularly can prevent major disasters and expensive repairs from creeping up on you. If you do happen to find a leak in your liner, you can patch it up yourself, or call in the professionals at Little Giant Pool & Spa. The water stays in your vinyl pool year-round, as this is what keeps the liner in place. Because of its smooth surface, a vinyl liner helps prevent algae growth, meaning you can save a tremendous amount of money on chemicals.

When treating your pool, carefully measure the chemicals you are putting into it. Too much chlorine can fade the pattern of your liner, meaning you’ll need to replace it sooner if you want it to keep a gorgeous appearance. If you’re interested in installing a vinyl pool in your backyard, contact Little Giant Pool & Spa today at (636) 271-2200.