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When to Begin Planning Your Swimming Pool Construction

in-ground swimming pool with ladderThough summer is still a fair amount of time away, the New Year and the dreary January weather may be inspiring you to build a brand new in-ground pool on your property to enjoy in the upcoming warm months. Dreaming of a pool may be a year-round process, but when should you actually start planning a brand new build in your backyard?

Swimming pool construction in St. Charles, Missouri may seem like a daunting task at first, but with the right local experts and game plan in mind, constructing your new in-ground pool for the summer can be a breeze. An in-ground pool is certainly an investment so you’ll want to consider budgeting out your ideas so you can get the pool you want for the price you’re willing to pay. An in-ground pool takes anywhere from 3-12 weeks to build, so you have plenty of time to start saving and dreaming up your ideas for your new outdoor oasis.

A few things you should consider while planning out your pool is the amount of additional features you want added in. A more elaborate design, landscaping, and high-end patio materials will all add up so you want to be financially ready for everything you want. If you’ve been dreaming of a brand new pool, make 2017 the year you finally achieve your goal! Contact Little Giant Pool & Spa today for the best swimming pool construction in St. Charles, Missouri.

How to have the In-Ground Pool of your Dreams

dream_poolEveryone dreams of having the perfect outdoor oasis right in their backyard and with the help of Little Giant Pool’s swimming pool construction in St. Charles, Missouri, your wildest pool fantasies can become a reality.

The first step is to pick the type of in-ground pool you want in your outdoor space. Concrete, vinyl-lined, and fiberglass are the most popular materials used when building pools and each one has its own pros and cons. Selecting the right material mainly comes down to your own personal preference and manageability. Concrete pools typically take longer to build, but are also the strongest and most customizable, so it may be worth the wait if you’re envisioning funky shapes and a long-lasting structure.

Make sure you check your city’s building and zoning regulations, as they may impact your initial plans. These rules will differ from town to town, but you generally need to meet certain setback distances from the pool to property lines. You’ll also need to make sure any septic tanks, wells, sewer lands, and so on have the appropriate amount of space between them and the space the pool will be dug. Our experienced pool contractors at Little Giant Pool & Spa can help you choose the best location in your backyard.

For the best swimming pool construction in St. Charles, Missouri and the surrounding areas, contact Little Giant Pool & Spa today at 636-271-2200. Keep an eye on our blog for even more ways to achieve the outdoor space you’ve always dreamed of!