What to Expect from Pool Maintenance Service in St. Charles County, MO

When you hire a pool maintenance service in St. Charles County, MO, you should know what work will be done. However, there isn’t a singular set of maintenance services to expect since every pool has different needs. The care required for an in-ground pool differs from that for above-ground pools, for example. Furthermore, the material from which the pool is made, how it is used, and other factors all influence the necessary upkeep.

Any pool maintenance company worth their rates will tailor its services to suit the unique needs of your pool. That said, there are some basic things you can expect.

What is Included with Pool Maintenance

Keeping a pool clean and in good condition requires certain upkeep. Some basic steps for maintenance include:

Skimming Debris from the Water
Brushing the Surfaces to Loosen Hardened Debris
Vacuuming Debris from the Pool Bottom, Walls, & Steps
Checking and Cleaning the Filter
Checking the Water’s Chemical Balance and pH Levels
Shocking the Water to Raise the Free Chlorine Level
Adding Algaecide

Likewise, there should also be routine inspections to check whether any pool repairs are needed. Each of the steps listed here may include additional tasks to meet the specific needs of the pool in question. Furthermore, the list above is not exhaustive, but it is a good starting point from which any reputable pool professional will begin.