What Fiberglass Shell Pool Shape Will Work Best for My Yard?

Fiberglass pools in St. Louis County, MO, are popular for kids and adults during the dog days of summer. However, knowing the right size and shape for your installation can be daunting. Your local fiberglass pool supplier can provide insight based on your yard size and personal taste. There are a few shapes that stand out, including:


Laying by the Lagoon

If you imagine yourself stretched out and lounging by the side of a lagoon, a freeform or kidney-shaped fiberglass pool is likely the style you’ll choose. These shapes mimic a natural body of water and evoke a relaxing poolside feel.

Doing Laps

If your goal is to get your exercise in, a rectangular or linear pool is probably your first choice. Unlike freeform shapes, pools with long straight sides give you a chance to perfect your strokes.

Modern History

The Roman-style pool will take you back in time. It’s designed as a rectangle with half-circle arches at both ends. This fiberglass pool will give your yard an upscale look while providing the linear lines needed to get in your daily laps.

If you allow your personal preference and the architecture of your home and yard to lead the way, you are sure to choose a pool that will supply years of summer relaxation.