Homeowners Need a Fence Around Fiberglass In-Ground Pools in Missouri

According to state law, a fence or other structure must surround every pool. This law means that if you purchase a home with a pool that doesn’t have a fence, you must construct one. It also means that homeowners planning to install fiberglass in-ground pools in Missouri should include the cost of a fence in their budget to stay compliant. Local regulations can vary, so check to determine the pool fence requirements in your community.

Pool Protection

The primary reason the law requires pool fences is to protect children from drowning. A refreshing splash is an excellent way for kids to cool down in the summer; however, unsupervised access could lead to disaster. A pool fence should be taller than four feet, impossible for children to climb, and include a self-latching gate that swings open away from the pool.

Pool Fence Styles

There are several fences on the market specifically for pools. Ask your local swimming pool builder for recommendations, as they will likely know several vendors that understand the regulations and will install the correct height and style. Some of the more popular designs include vertical bars and glass panel fences, as they are difficult to climb, and you can see through them.

Before starting your swimming pool construction, ensure you are also prepared to install a fence around your fiberglass in-ground pool.