Concrete Pool Basics: Pros, Cons, & How They’re Made

Concrete pools in Missouri are a popular choice for homeowners because they add to summer’s enjoyment and property value. But before taking the plunge into your new investment, it’s a good idea to understand what you’re getting, the installation process, and any pros and cons.

Concrete is the most complex pool installation, with fiberglass shell pools as a close second primarily due to the reduced cost. After excavation and plumbing installation, your swimming pool builder will spray the concrete material into a frame to create the shell. The shell cures over time to become incredibly durable.


While concrete pools are the most expensive installation, they can also be completely customized to your backyard landscaping. They’re known throughout the world for their longevity and unmatched luxury.


Although a concrete pool can increase your property value, the average is only about 7%. These pools also require significant maintenance and refinishing, annually stretching into the thousands.

The joy you and your family will experience from owning a pool often far outweighs the initial cost. If your dream is to have a concrete pool in your backyard, talk to a swimming pool builder. They’ll help you decide which material and installation will work best for your home and budget.