Basic Maintenance for Fiberglass Pools in Missouri

Throughout Missouri, fiberglass pools are a popular choice due to their few maintenance needs. However, low maintenance doesn’t mean maintenance-free. Here is what you should know about caring for your fiberglass pool.

Gentle Cleaning: Like all pools, fiberglass pools must be cleaned regularly with the correct products and methods. Less brushing is required due to the nonporous gel surface of fiberglass, and you should use a damp cloth rather than a tough-bristled brush. Likewise, fiberglass requires gentler cleaning products; make sure the products you use are safe for your pool before doing any maintenance to avoid requiring untimely pool renovations.

Daily Water Circulation: Fiberglass pools require one water circulation daily to maintain cleanliness. Furthermore, the water level must be kept above the skimmer at all times to provide enough weight to prevent your pool from coming out of the ground.

Chemical Balance: With fiberglass, you can go years without changing the pool water. However, the chemical balance must be carefully maintained, including the pH level, total alkalinity, and calcium hardness. Regular testing with a reliable kit is the best way to ensure your pool water stays disinfected.

How Often to Clean a Fiberglass Pool

Since fiberglass has a nonporous gel coat finish, it is virtually impossible for algae to take over the pool. Still, it needs to be cleaned sometimes. How often is complicated due to many factors, such as the level of traffic the pool experiences, whether swimmers wear sunscreen, how close are the nearest trees, and so on.

You should talk to a qualified pool opening service to get a recommendation tailored to your specific needs. However, as a rough ballpark figure, you should expect to clean your pool at least every few weeks.