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* All water and debris must be removed from cover and the water level in the pool must be filled to the proper running level to insure a quick and easy opening.

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Pool Openings will be charged at the rate of $325.00 (plus chemicals), with a maximum of two hours spent. Any additional time needed to open pool will be charged to the customer at the rate of $110.00/hour. Most pools will open within the 2 hour maximum. Pools that require more time are generally the pools that are filled with debris, or infested with algae.

Spa openings will be charged at the rate of $175.00 per hour. Swimming pools that have attached spa will be charged an additional $95.00 for opening.

Professionally clean and store my cover for the season at the rate of $175.00.

Drain & acid wash pool for $850.00 minimum. Acid and Neutralizer are included. Due to the uncertainty of the amount of water the soil is holding.
Tinart Corporation and Little Giant Pool & Spa can not and will not accept financial responsibility for property damage(s) that may occur to the pool or surrounding property(s) due to hydrostatic pressure.

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