How to Protect your Pool Cover During the Winter


You may think that simply covering your pool is all you need to do during the winter months to protect your pool, but what’s protecting your pool cover? A pool cover is a great way to protect your in-ground pool during harsh winters, but without added protection, you’re risking the cover getting damaged due to high winds and freezing temperatures. Below are three things you can do to keep your cover in top shape all winter long.

Keep the Ice at Bay

Ice and snow can add extra weight onto your cover, causing it to sag and pull at the edges. If there’s already ice all over your brand new pool cover, be sure to let it melt before using a winter cover pump to remove it. Attempting to remove frozen ice off of your cover will only result in the sharp edges creating unwanted holes and scratches. To prevent against an icy build up, you can keep a ½” water level on top of the cover.

Brace Against the Wind

The ½” water level mentioned above is also a great way to prevent wind damage to your cover. You can also use water bags to hold it down if you have a tarp covering your pool. Be careful not to use anything with potential sharp edges such as bricks or boards as they can fall into the pool and damage not only the cover, but your liner as well.

Look out for Trees

Fallen trees or tree branches can be your cover’s worst nightmare in the winter. Heavy snow and ice can weigh the branches down and once those limbs snap they could be headed directly for the pool! If you have a tree dangerously close to your pool, hire a tree specialist to come in and remove any overhanging limbs.

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